The simplest way to send MLS property information by Text directly to your clients' phones.


MLS Autoresponder

Provide prospective buyers INSTANT property information automatically!

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Get a TextoAd Number1. Get a TextoAd Number

Select a local TextoAd phone number to be used in all marketing material such as Yard Signs, Magazine and Newspaper ads. One phone number can be used for all listings

Fetch Your Listings2. Fetch Your Listings

Add your MLS and LoopNet ID's to link your active listings. Commercial or Residential

Respond and Capture3. Respond and Capture

Automatically respond to every call received, with instant MLS information by text, 24/7. Capture every call to stay in contact with buyers.

MLS By Text - DEMO

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Main Features Include:

Detailed Analytics For Each Listing

Each listing has a detailed report on individual caller data and callers over time. It's never been easier to visually track property performance.

Broadcast Property Listing Updates

You can send out a SMS notification to everyone that has previously called about a specific property! Announcing price or other property changes easy and effective.

Easily Import Listings From MLS

Simply supply an MLS number for the listing, and we'll fetch all the property information and pictures you've already supplied to the MLS database!

Online Profiles for Your Listings

Every listing on TextoAd has a sharable listing URL that you can post to Facebook, Twitter, or email to other potential buyers! You can upload all your property images here.

Local TextoAd Phone Number

Included in your account is your very own local phone number. You'll want to put this on all of your signs! You can choose a number in any area code within the United States.

Easily Manage Listing Visibility

You can easily manage if a TextoAd listing is visible with 1-click. Simply mark a listing as "Published" and it's live! You can pause the live listing at any time.